Gingerboy Girl

slightly |ˈslītlē|


to a small degree; inconsiderably.

obsess |əbˈses|

verb [ trans. ] (usu. be obsessed)

preoccupy or fill the mind of (someone) continually, intrusively, and to a troubling extent.

As of today, I proclaim that I am just slightly obsessed with Gingerboy (if one can be so grammatically defiant as to have a slight obsession).

Serving South East Asian hawker style street food, Gingerboy is one of Teage Ezard’s restaurants and is tucked away in an alley as most good things in Melbourne are. I have been there twice in forty eight hours this week; dinner then a leisurely lunch. One dish keeps me coming back ever since I first dined there a number of weeks ago: roasted kingfish in banana leaf with lemongrass and ginger curry. It is simply perfect. The fish is soft and juicy and is smothered in the most delicious curry, combining the right amount of punch and intricacy. It is so good, that today at lunch, my friend and I were desperate for the waitress to come and clear the table before we picked up the banana leaves to lick clean. The curry is also fabulous for dipping corn cakes into. Crispy, crunchy, corny. Mmmm.

Although I haven’t tried that much on their menu, what I have tried is thoroughly delightful. In fact, I suspect another lunch date in the not too distant future. Dean? Michael? Shall we?

picture of snapper fish Thai style

Fried baby snapper, lime and red chili bean sauce, lychee salad. Yes.

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