This morning I met with friends at Bodhi for Yum Cha. I hand’t been there for several years but had fond memories of it, and the fact that it’s vegetarian is a sheer bonus. Set amidst the beautiful, old Morteon Bay Figs near St Mary’s Cathedral, its atmosphere is very relaxing and serene. Even on a drizzly, grey day like today, it is comforting to sit somewhere where one can see nature.
Being vegetarian, the food doesn’t give you that heavy feeling some yum cha can, and we all know how easy it is to go overboard at yum cha.
An assortment of dumplings. I particularly enjoyed the pumpkin and the mushroom.

photos of dumplings

Crispy wonton and a sweet potato cake. The sweet potato cake was delicious, so gooey and soft. The crispy wonton was indeed as its name suggested. Who doesn’t love a bit of crunch, especially in a world of pillowy dumplings?

photo of crispy wonton potato cake

Chinese broccoli. Fresh and simple.

photo of Chinese broccoli

Sticky rice. I had never had this before. I was not a fan. It smelt like the Easter Show: cattle, hay and manure. It didn’t taste much better! Apparently my friends who like this dish say it needed that “crazy pork” in it to enliven the flavour.

photo of sticky rice

Beetroot and ginger dumplings. So darn good. I heart beetroot.

beetroot dumplings

I cannot remember the specific name for these little parcels of joy, but they were delicious! Crispy on the outside, soft in the middle and filled with pumpkin, ginger and mushroom. We wish these had come round at the beginning of the meal, and not the end. We’ll know for next time.

little Asian parcels

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