Chat Thai as a Carnivore

If you are a regular follower of my blog, you will know that I adore Chat Thai. I am talking about the original one in Haymarket. They have other locations, but rumour has it, none are like the original. It is one of my regulars as it is just so damn good and for the price, cannot be beaten. You will also know as a regular follower, that I have returned to eating meat after almost a decade of not eating it. So… What’s Chat Thai like as a carnivore? Still amazing!
We started with Emerald Duck, sliced five spiced bbq duck tossed with seasonal greens. The duck was juicy and fatty, like all good duck should be. The greens were firm (nothing worse than floppy greens) and full of flavour.

photo of Thai duck

The Bbq Lamb was mouthwateringly good. Slices of premium lamb loin marinated in lemongrass and mint and served with a nahm jim jaew (chili dipping sauce). I smothered my first piece with nahm jim jaew… Hello, fire in my mouth! This sauce is dangerously hot. I love a bit of danger.

photo of lamb

The seafood at Chat Thai is always sensational. Tonight, we had Bpla Lard Prik, crisp fried snapper with roast chili sauce, with garlic, palm sugar and kaffir lime leaves. You know you’re onto a winner when after the meal, before the waitress comes to clear the table, you find yourself picking at the fish skeleton with a fork, for any skerrik of flesh you might have missed.

photo of snapper

I am not sure of the official name of this dessert, I simply referred to them as the “little donuty things with the green dipping sauce”. These are an institution at Chat Thai. They are made in the window at the front of the restaurant and are a joy to watch being made. Warning: they only come on the menu after 9pm… I learnt that the hard way, but after a substantial wait on the street for a table tonight, we have pushed into the timezone of the little donuty things. Yes! They are hot and are just aching to be dipped in that lovely pastel green sauce. And like a stellar magician, hey presto, they disappeared…

photo of Thai donuts

Food aside, Chat Thai is BYO, and that always scores an A+ in my books. The mark-up on wine at restaurants is utterly ridiculous, usually 300% or so… Ugh. I brought along a bottle of d’Arenberg The Hermit Crab, Viognier Marsanne 2008 (one of the last remaining bottles from my Adelaide wine trip December last). The wine was full-bodied with an expressive nose of apricot, peach and toast. Notes of subtle spice and honey were also present. A great drop to have with Thai.

Chat Thai… I can’t talk it up enough… wink.

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