Three Blue Ducks

After the joy of the breakfast in a pan at Circa, any panned breakfast is going to have to be mighty fine to come close. Three Blue Ducks in Bronte, just won the Sydney Morning Herald award for best food at a café, so I was expecting big things. It was a Wednesday morning and the place was teeming with mothers and strollers and ladies who lunch, or brunch as the case may be. The waiter looks at me with dead eyes as I walk in…
“We’re after a table for two”…
He is unimpressed. Well you know what? He can bite me. There is no need for that kind of attitude.

photo of flat white

The coffee is smooth and rich. It’s good, but not mind blowing.

photo of breakfast in a pan

The breakfast in a pan, which is a muddle of beans, eggs, tomato and chorizo, pales in comparison to its competitor at Circa. The chorizo barely has any flavour compared to its fiery, sassy sister the sujuk. It’s an adequate breakfast, there is nothing wrong with it as such, but having had the world’s most awesome breakfast the day before, it just cannot compete. How Three Blue Ducks got best food is beyond me. Also, this dish is a whopping $19! The lunch and dinner menu here gets up around the $30 mark… I do believe we have left café territory way behind and have entered restaurant territory at those prices. In my mind a café means food for under $20. What cheek to still call yourself a café and charge almost fine dining prices.
One of the staff who serves us is nice, but she is the exception to this Frosty the Snowman service. Ugh. How boring.

photo of garden

They have a little vegetable garden out the back. It’s sweet. But not sweet enough to make me ever come here again. Perhaps it should change its name to Three Boo Ducks?

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