Black Star Pastry

It was a gloriously sunny day yesterday; perfect weather to take Sesso Bici, my lovely new bike, on a little trip to Newtown. Half the fun of riding such a beautiful bike is the conversation it creates. If you do not want to talk to strangers, do not by such a pretty bike! Luckily, I have the gift of the gab and can talk to anyone. It was so nice to chat to an elderly lady on the train as she shared with me fragments of her life. She was originally from India, and proudly told me that Indians make the best coffee!

I was meeting sound technician extraordinaire Tom for a mid-morning caffeine and pastry fix. Black Star Pastry in Australia Street is the perfect spot for this sort of fulfilment. We sat outside on the church pew and chatted about life and theatre and more life as we sipped our flatties and munched on our flaky pastry goodies.

photo of a croissant

I always like a simple croissant from Black Star. They are crispy and delicious.

photo of berry danish

Tom opted for a more opulent treat, with a berry danish. It lasted all of two minutes, so it must have been awesome.

photo of flat white

The coffee is good, not amazing but drinkable.

I do love that Dolly Parton was playing inside and that one of the girls who works there has the same Dolly tee as I have…

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