The drab borough of West Ryde has not much to offer humanity; it’s bleak, stale and in a total state of decay, and is only missing that “wild wag of an oculist”, T.J. Eckelburg to preside over the residents. You can imagine my surprise at the discovery of a super little hipster cafe: Element6.

The menu at Element6 is cracking, and is filled with assorted breakfast delights.

photo of breakfast in a pan

The breakfast in a pan is full of juice and flavour. Chickpeas swim in a rich tomato sauce, with surfboards of haloumi to dunk.

photo of mushrooms on toast

The mushrooms with haloumi rock my world – the garlicky mushrooms are laced with rosemary and are totally succulent, like totally! The earthiness of the mushrooms balances the salt and spike of the haloumi, drizzled with runny egg yolk.

photo of coffee

Coffee is good but not strong.

The service is very friendly and not a smack of pretension anywhere.

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