Moon Park

Although Sydney has its fair whack of Korean food – the suburbs are packed with street food joints the locals flock to – it was missing a Korean fusion restaurant where chefs get creative. Enter Moon Park. It’s a Wednesday and half the city has been shut down due to a fire at a big construction site. Sirens blare and cop cars whiz past providing the entertainment for Moon Park’s terrace, but then again, it is Redfern , so it’s nothing too unusual.

Lucky enough to walk-in, for a Wednesday night the restaurant is full by the time we leave at about 8.30pm, so either book or come early.

The food at Moon Park possesses a delicacy and finesse perhaps not usually associated with Korean – my mind instantly goes to strips of beef laden in a heavy sauce – however this is far from the fare served here. The miso soup with oyster cream ($6) is absolutely outstanding. Who knew miso could get so good? I certainly did not. My dinner buddy agrees. I want to swim in it.

photo of crab bibim

Spanner crab bibim ($22) is light and well crafted; no one flavour overpowers. The dehydrated burnt butter (which looks like dark sand) is amazing. It is Western touches like this that make Moon Park something special for this self-confessed butter addict.

photo of chicken

In contrast to the light and fresh, there is fried chicken ($18), but by no means is it overly greasy or stogy. Do not think American-diner style. The serving is a generous heap of juicy chicken pieces adorned in a golden-crunch batter, empowered by the smack of shrimp brine. Yes please. The cucumber kimchi ($5) is the perfect side for this dish as it brings freshness and heat to the party.

photo of kimchi

And a new discovery is made: Ob Larger. A beery tasting beer (dinner buddy shys away from the fruity and floral) that is refreshing and honest. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love a tinnie?

photo of ob lager

Service is friendly and lacks ego. Phew. And the prices are very reasonable for the portion size and the level of technique and love put into each dish.

Moon Park. Go.

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