Excelsior Jones

For me, Excelsior Jones was a mixed bag. Having won Best New Cafe from the SMH last year, it stood to reason things were going to be out of this world amazing. For breakfast on a Tuesday, the place is busy and the vibey, and there are some interesting choices on the menu. The minted smashed peas on toast with a poached egg is refreshing and presented beautifully. I was not expecting the peas to be cold, but oh well, you get used to it as you eat.

photo of peas on toast

The mushrooms on toast are full of gorgeous earthy notes and make a hearty start to a winter’s day.

photo of mushrooms on toast

The coffee is nothing special; a bit of a wet grass aftertaste. The chocolate milkshake is very cold, but nothing gourmet, very kids-syrup in flavour, but most disappointing was the hot chocolate – billed as 70% cocoa blah blah amazing, it arrives as though a kitten who once trod in chocolate had dipped her paw in the milk. Mum calls it “pathetic”. She is right. So on the drinks front, Excelsior Jones does not win.

photo of coffee

Service is friendly enough and if you’re in Ashfield and looking for a hip cafe this is probably your only shot, but for me, this is a one off trip. My heart has not been captured so no more of my dollars will be.

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