The Canary Islands and Lisbon

Since I embarked upon the world’s greatest ocean liner, the Queen Mary 2, on Novemeber 26th, life is very different. There are many adjustments one must make when living in a moving beast, and with our schedule busy due to getting all of our shows up and running, life has been rather hectic if not slightly fraught at times. Time ashore has been scarce, however, we have managed to spend a couple of days out and about on this current voyage to the Canary Islands and Portugal.

photo of Lanzarote

Lanzarote was a strange place; desolate and lacking in atmosphere, however, merely thankful to be on land and sitting in the sun, the afternoon was passed with cold beer and tapas. There is nothing like a cold beer in the sun. Refreshment at its peak.

photo of tapas food
Today, we explored Lisbon. I had two things on my agenda: tarts and chicken. That’s all I wanted. Lisbon has a certain dilapidated charm about it and it was pleasant to wander the lane ways and streets in search for the required booty.

photo of Portuguese tart

Thankfully, all wishes were fulfilled and I got my tarts. The second was superior to the first. Audibly crisp pastry and creamy custard, accompanied by a strong coffee. Its restorative powers were sublime.

photo of girl in Lisbon

I had imagined this famed Portugese chicken to be on every street corner, but it was actually harder to find than one might think. With a tip off from the man in the Gin Bar, I found myself seated in front of a large plate of burnished chicken. The place looked like it hadn’t been touched since the 1960s, and was full of character and locals. Perfect.

photo of man cooking chicken in Lisbon

photo of girl with her lunch

Sailing out of Lisbon is a pretty sight. The pink stripy sky and her Golden Gate-esque bridge. Now to relax before showtime tonight.

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