Burger Kult

photo of burger meal

After the bitter disappointment of burger number one, burger number two was naturally going to be better, even if it wasn’t spectacular, by default, it would be great…

Burger Kult, located in The Mash Tun serves out burgers with kooky names. I order their equivalent of a cheeseburger with bacon – the kooky name escapes me, and their website doesn’t have an updated menu, so pardon the lack of specific info.

It was ok. The meat wasn’t very smoky or charred or delicious and the bun was dry.  I had asked for it without onion, however, it was loaded with something called Swamp Sauce, which contained chunks of raw Spanish onion throughout it… not my thing. So that was disappointing. I guess it just shows lack of staff training. If someone asks for a burger without onion, you should alert them that there is also onion throughout the sauce. Never mind.

Another mediocre burger with nothing fabulous about it. Chips were ok. Nothing special. But at least they had chips, unlike the last venue.

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