Homegrown Produce

photo of tomato plant

Sometimes you find gorgeous things in places you least expect: like this tomato plant, which was hiding amounts all the flat-packery at Ikea. A mere £5, and this beauty has produced the sweetest, reddest little tomatoes for us. Amazing to just harvest a few, cut them in half, toss them in a bit of olive oil and throw on some sourdough.

Not known for my plant-skills, my black thumb of death, managed not to kill this plant. The same can’t be said for the chilli plant we bought at the Surbiton Farmers Markets. It died a sad, old death. I thought it looked thirsty, but it was drowning.

My point is, if you can keep them alive, edible plants are wonderful to have in your home or garden. Our windowsill is dotted with various herbs that get systematically harvested for a pesto, or a risotto. And they make the place look cheery. Go out and get a plant or two. If you’re not the green thumb, I recommend rosemary as it’s hearty and delicious when you rip off a few leaves and throw them on some sautéed potatoes.


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