When an overseas visitor requests a venue for dinner that has to serve a specific cuisine, be in a specific location, and also be generally good, you feel the pressure; it has to serve curry and be near Trafalgar Square… Gone were the visions of going to Palomar, but nevermind, a quick search delivered Lotus.

Our guests were suitably impressed by the quality of food, as was I. The ingredients were of high quality and every dish was full of flavour and well executed. No mystery meat curries here!

One particularly memorable dish, was the 24 Karat Gold Lamb Shank. The gold leafing of foods is a bit of a trend currently, I’ve seen a gold leaf pizza or two, and can be seen as a gimmick if the food isn’t up to scratch, but can be rather fun if the food delivers.

photo of gold leaf lamb shank

This lamb was achingly soft and fell off the bone with the mere threat of a fork. The accompaniments of pearl millet and papaya pickle were rather unusual and worked well with the rich flavour of the korma. This dish was hard to share.

Although not the kind of venue to go to for atmosphere – it was a quiet night regardless – it is a good venue if you don’t like loud chattery restaurants. The service was professional and friendly.


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