Bai Yok Thai

Bai Yok Thai is a silent suburban assassin in the world of Thai cuisine. Nestled in a small outcrop of shops in Castlecrag, it is the Grants favourite Thai restaurant. I can see why. Every dish we ordered was packed full of flavour and lived up to the high expectations I had of the food. The only complaint was dry chicken. I cannot tolerate dry chicken. I walk that scary line between dry chicken and food-poisoning far too carelessly, but at least my chicken is never dry.

photo of Thai scallop

This scallop wrapped in betel leaf was succulent and bursting with fresh citrus and nutty crunch.

Thai quail

Although it doesn’t look that great, the garlic quail was a highlight. Crispy coated, garlicky quail. Lip-smackingly good.

photo of pad Thai

I’m told that this is the best Pad Thai ever. I never order Pad Thai, but this award-winning dish was rather spectacular. It balanced the flavours perfectly: sweet, sour, heat.

We also feasted on two duck dishes, one with tamarind. Gotta love that sour tamarind. The duck was juicy and even impressed a non-duck eater. They are now a duck-eater.

If you’re ever Castlecrag way, unlikely, but if you are, Bai Yok Thai is the place to go for a lovely dinner.

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