Excelsior Jones

For me, Excelsior Jones was a mixed bag. Having won Best New Cafe from the SMH last year, it stood to reason things were going to be out of this world amazing. For breakfast on a Tuesday, the place is busy and the vibey, and there are some interesting choices […]

The Pig & Pastry

A super sweet, corner cafe serving up delicious breakfasts… Did somebody say, bacon?


The drab borough of West Ryde has not much to offer humanity; it’s bleak, stale and in a total state of decay, and is only missing that “wild wag of an oculist”, T.J. Eckelburg to preside over the residents. You can imagine my surprise at the discovery of a super […]

N2 Extreme Gelato

Aside from flavour, ice-cream has one other factor paramount to my enjoyment: texture. Although flavours stuffed with shards of toffee, or crumbs of cookie, or ribbons of pureed fruit are fun, for me, I crave an ice-cream that is like silk. At N2 Extreme Gelato (science lab come ice-creamery), their […]

Devon Cafe

Just what Surry Hills needs: another hip and delicious cafe. Luckily, for those of us who catch the train, Devon Cafe is right at the Central Station end of Devonshire Street. It is an incubator of good coffee and exciting food. The coffee is strong, forthright and we all know […]

The Local Bar

I frequent Rozelle, as one of the venues I work at is situated there, so when a new coffee joint opens up, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up with excitement. The Local Bar is a shiny new venture on Darling Street, turning out good coffee without […]