N2 Extreme Gelato

photo of girl with ice-cream

Aside from flavour, ice-cream has one other factor paramount to my enjoyment: texture. Although flavours stuffed with shards of toffee, or crumbs of cookie, or ribbons of pureed fruit are fun, for me, I crave an ice-cream that is like silk. At N2 Extreme Gelato (science lab come ice-creamery), their use of liquid nitrogen eliminates the formation of ice-crystals and results in ice-cream so silky it makes you want to cry.

Flavours change on a weekly basis, but I was lucky enough to have Earl Grey Caramel: gorgeous notes of bergamot cutting through the caramel. I also sampled the Cookies and Cream, which was everything a Cookies and Cream lover would love, but the bits through the ice-cream distract from the silk… Oh the silk…

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