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Peanut Butter Cookies

When faced with emptying out the pantry, there is inevitably always a half jar of peanut butter. What to do with this rascal? Make delcious, super easy cookies to share.  

Spiced Fig and White Chocolate Cookies

One can sometimes neglect what a versatile ingredient yogurt can be, especially flavoured yogurt, for example, Black Plum and Fig. The subtle earthiness of the fig marries well with the plum and inspired me to create Spiced Fig and White Chocolate Cookies. With cooler weather descending, these cookies take the […]

Easter Cookies

Easter Cookie goodness. Simply make your favourite biscuits, and then decorate with a fondant topping. Not the sort of treat you can just whip up, as they take time and care to decorate, the dough needs to chill, the fondant needs to be dyed, but they are certainly festive and […]

Raspberry White Chocolate Cookies

Having read this recipe on the fabulous blog Eatori, I simply had to make these cookies¬†immediately. A¬†cinch to make, these babies don’t take mounds of ingredients, which is always convenient. They are a chewy delight where best friends raspberry and white chocolate have a merry old time frolicking across your […]

Valentine’s Vanilla Shortbread

As a treat for a loved one, why not make some vanilla shortbread this Valentine’s Day? This recipe comes from the Mrs Fields Cookie Book.   Place cookies in a box with a love note and deliver to your sweetheart’s office as a surprise…