Tag: Brisbane

Mos Burger

After a hospital visit, which unless you are visiting a mother and newborn are always unsettling, I was walking back through the city and passed Mos Burger. I had absolutely no intention of burgering, and I was in fact making a beeline for a certain green tea iced beverage, however, […]

Le Bon Choix

After a disappointing loaf of sourdough from Sol Breads, and my longing for Bourke St Bakery growing exponentially, my faith in non-Sydney sourdough was restored with a trip to Le Bon Choix in Paddington. With its ultra French, chic aesthetic, Le Bon Choix is filled with typical French delights from […]

Tall Short Espresso

After an early morning start which went pear-shaped very quickly, an exploration of cosy borough Paddington was a welcome treat. With beautiful old Queenslanders on sharp hills, and lots of greenery, Paddington is an inner-city spot with an aesthetic edge. The main street, Given Terrace (odd name) is dotted with […]

Brown Dog Cafe

Look at her. Isn’s she beautiful? Absolutely flawless. Not only the best coffee in Brisbane, but I am confident in saying, the best coffee I have ever had. Why? Yes, the beans are roasted well, and the coffee is bold and outspoken, however, it is the quality of the milk […]

West End Coffee House

Exploring a new city is a task both exciting and disappointing; the luscious highs when one finds a gem, be it good coffee, sourdough or Mexican, and the aching lows when one pays $4 for coffee-flavoured hot milk, $7.50 for artisan sourdough more doughy than sour and goes to one […]

Thai Phoenix

A lot can be learned about a city from its food, and I don’t mean the glossy, hatted restaurants. The low-key restaurants in the burbs are what makes a city. If there aren’t easy, delicious food choices near by your home for those nights when you simply couldn’t bear to […]