Sydney Burgers

Burger Head

A trek to Penrith is certainly worth it to get your chops round some Burger Head. Braving the sweltering heat, my Mum and I make the long journey, as a bloody ripper of a burger is worth any distance and discomfort – and a bloody ripper it is. Burger Head […]

photo of burger meal

Burger Project

Burger Project is Neil Perry’s latest venture and it is awesome. Using some terrific Cape Grim beef, these burgers are everything you need them to be: greasy, slightly dented and crumpled, full of char and smoke. The chips are cracking too – golden rods of potato perfection. And that shake… […]

Parlour Burger

With the swathe of burger joints cropping up of late, Parlour Burger is doing something interesting, and it’s called The Black Widow. I love the evocative name. I love her sultry, exotic looks, but most of all, I lover her exquisite taste. Juicy pink meat, with chipotle mayo and jalepeno […]

The Ivanhoe

Is the Ivanhoe home to the best burger in Sydney? Ivan-no! This pub is one of those who has spent a fortune on the fit-out, and not much time on the food. The burger is lackluster and has a dirty, herbaceous flavour that stays with one long into the evening… […]

The Grounds of Alexandria

Not having been to The Grounds of Alexandria for almost a year, not since it was fresh and sparkly, I see that the rest of Sydney has discovered it. Woah. It was a sunny Sunday arvo and the joint is utter mayhem. But I’d come with a mission – to […]

The Newtown Hotel

Awarding best chips in Sydney to the Newtown Hotel, I’m delighted to inform you that their $12 bacon cheeseburger is pretty rad too. It’s brimming with dinge and is a little bit less pretty-looking which always equates to awesomeness – it’s those pristine, monumental Adonises of burgers that turn out […]