photo of fudge

Dark Chocolate Orange Fudge

With most of a can of condesned milk leftover from making these gorgeously chewy cookies, some fudge was in order. I browsed through some recipes and decided any recipe adding 100g of icing sugar to a base with condensed milk and chocolate was ludicrous and it would be far too […]

chocolate truffles

Gin Truffles

Buried in a clock of dark chocolate, lies a kick of 1920s bootlegger bathtub gin. It’s mysterious, rambunctious and a little bit naughty. With herbaceous notes and hints of floral, these dark chocolate gin truffles will make you swoon.

photo of chocolate Oreo pancakes

Chocolate Oreo Pancakes

Experimenting in the kitchen is always fun and when one of your friends sees a picture of someone else’s chocolate pancakes on Facebook, and instantly wants some, you just offer to make them, especially when they also have some Oreos on hand. This basic pancake recipe is a no-sugar recipe […]

Mug Brownie

Faced with the tragedy of no oven, one inevitably googles microwave baking, and sometimes, one is pleasantly surprised. This recipe for mug brownie is scandalously easy and scandalously good. It is though, so very rich, and you may feel ill afterwards, but it is worth it.  

Chocolate Mousse

When faced with an excess of cream thanks to a recent Costco expedition, chocolate mousse is a welcome treat to offload it. Using my Le Cordon Bleu, Chocolat – The Chocolate Bible, for the first time, this mousse is light and dreamy. The recipe states dark chocolate, and usually I […]