Sauces, Dips, Jams

photo of medlar tree


I am a member of my local WI, and I love it. I love the opportunities it presents to mix with women of all ages, particularly the older generation; their wealth of experience and knowledge is something to treasure. The WI participates in all sorts of activities, and although we […]

photo of duck breast

Blueberry and Juniper Sauce

Having added a sous vide to the kitchen arsenal, duck breast is going to be on the menu rather frequently. Why? Because my Partner in Crime has perfected the art of cooking duck in the sous vide. Never before have I had duck that is so juicy or full of flavour. […]

photo of parsley sauce

Parsley and Mustard Sauce

Sometimes we don’t need complex recipes to impress or change things up. By expanding your repertoire of sauces and marinades, everyday staple dishes such as steak or chicken can become exciting reinvented dishes that will provide your palate with enough variety. This parsley and mustard sauce takes minimum time to […]

photo of chutney

Carrot and Apple Chutney

With my latest exploration of pork mince with more Western flavours, pork burgers were on the menu the other night, and I decided to make a chutney to slather all over those bad boys. This chutney, like most of my recipes, is invented by putting together ingredients that I know […]

Quick Raspberry Jam

Jam should always be about the fruit, but more often than not, it is about the sugar. Fruit is naturally sweet and delicious and needs a fraction of the sugar most jam recipes suggest to actually create a delicious homemade jam. The usual ratio in jam recipes is 1:1 fruit […]

photo of mustard marinade

Mustard and Pink Peppercorn Marinade

Have a half leg of lamb and need a quick and simple marinade that is different from the standard garlic and rosemary? My Partner in Crime cooked me a lovely Valentine’s Day meal and whipped up this punchy marinade that worked beautifully with the sweetness of the flesh. Take some […]