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After a trip to wine country, it was a toss up between visiting a country pub, or making tracks back to the “city” for some lamb ribs at Shorty’s. The Dutchman vows these are the best ribs in Canberra, so off we go, only to find that they are no […]


The burger from Public (gastro-pub in Manuka) is your average pub burger with the lot. I don’t think I am a fan of the lot. All of that added frim-frammery just detracts from the task at hand, which is that delicious, juicy meat. Not to sound cruel, for the burger […]


Although the nation’s capital may be seen as a bit of a sleepy hollow (with a few headless horsemen galloping around, the victims of the latest political war) one corner of the city is certainly anything but sleepy. It’s Friday night, 9pm and the otherwise sedate Elouia Pl has one […]


Playground – one definition is thus: A place where a particular group of people choose to enjoy themselves. Bang on. Visiting the nation’s capital is something I have done three times in my life: for the obligatory, if not national rite of passage, where year 6 goes to visit Canberra […]