London Burgers

Picture of burger with a beer

Flank at Market Hall

Market Hall at Victoria is a great little foodie hub, and sorely needed. When I first moved to London almost five years ago, Victoria was bereft of good places to eat and drink. Thankfully that’s changed and now there is a very Sydney-esque precinct of nice bars and restaurants as […]

photo of Le Mac burger

National Burger Day 2016

Yesterday I attended my third National Burger Day festival – and the realisation that you’re not just visiting London anymore sinks in when it’s the third time in a row you’ve visited an annual festival. After hours of agonising anticipation and menu-reading, my Partner in Crime and I arrived early; firstly because […]

photo of burger meal

The Grey Horse – Burger

Having waxed lyrical about The Grey Horse and their stellar rib line up, how could my Partner in Crime and I refuse their Tuesday night deal of a burger, fries and a Beavertown for £10? A can of Beavertown alone would set you back at least a fiver at any […]

photo of burger meal

Burger & Shake

In the rather unhappening little nook of Bloomsbury, I have passed a couple of times, Burger & Shake, and made the decision it needed to be explored. With its retro aesthetic and menu consisting of amazing sounding burgers, chicken wings and alcoholic shakes, it seemed I was in for a […]

photo of burger meal

Big Fernand

After our evening of delicious cocktails from Grain Store, the hunger pangs kicked in and it was burger time. A quick Google, revealed that sort of nearby (if you don’t mid a brisk thirty minute walk), a burger place neither of us had heard of was getting wonderful reviews. To Big […]

Farm Fresh Burgers and Shakes

While whizzing through Kingston on the bus the other day, my eye caught an emerald-hued sign that read Farm Fresh Burgers. After a quick Google, I knew I had to come and check it out as the pictures looked fantastic. The pictures didn’t lie. For a Friday night, my Partner in […]