The Rest of the World

Smokin Brads

I’m just going to come out and say it, this is one of the best burgers I’ve had in the UK. It has it all: the smoke, the juice, the char, the ugliness. Yes, ugliness. The uglier and more smooshed (technical term) a burger is, the better. Smokin Brads has […]

photo of burger meal

Burger Kult

After the bitter disappointment of burger number one, burger number two was naturally going to be better, even if it wasn’t spectacular, by default, it would be great… Burger Kult, located in The Mash Tun serves out burgers with kooky names. I order their equivalent of a cheeseburger with bacon […]

photo of burger

Burger Brothers

With a trip to Brighton planned for Saturday, my belly started doing a happy dance as I was yet to explore the world of burgers in this seaside town. After careful research, the joint with astoundingly good reviews, was Burger Brothers… In fact, it was even voted best burger place […]

photo of burger

The Burger Bros

If craft beer and kick-arse burgers are things that make you happy, and you happen to be in the lovely seaside town of Deal, Kent, then The Burger Bros is the medicine you sorely need. With an amazing range of local and non-local beers, there is always something delicious and […]

photo of big plate of pasta

The Amalfi Coast

I hadn’t been to Italy since 1997. I’d been in Italian waters, sick in my ship’s cabin whilst my friends frolicked and ate gelato earlier in the year, but I hadn’t set foot on gorgeous Italian land for far too long. All of that changed last week. An extended weekend […]

photo of Piton

Hotel Chocolat

As I walked up the stairs to the restaurant, I saw it and it took my breath away. St Lucia’s Pitons – luscious tree covered peaks reminiscent of Jurassic Park almost seem within touching distance from this idyllic spot outside of Soufrieres. This restaurant, Boucan, was picked because of the […]