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photo of spaghetti vongole

La Genova

In the heart of Mayfair, lies an unassuming, traditional Italian trattoria, La Genova, and as soon as you enter, you are transported to Italy. It was lovely to finally eat here with my friend who told me about it originally. The last time we saw each other we were at […]

photo of spaghetti pesto

Spaghetti Pesto with Pork Mince and Sweet Potato

Pesto is always a favourite of mine to make. It is simple, tasty and goes with such a variety of ingredients. A new combination came to me based mostly on what I already had at hand: pork mince and sweet potato. Pork mince is often used in combination with beef […]

photo of big plate of pasta

The Amalfi Coast

I hadn’t been to Italy since 1997. I’d been in Italian waters, sick in my ship’s cabin whilst my friends frolicked and ate gelato earlier in the year, but I hadn’t set foot on gorgeous Italian land for far too long. All of that changed last week. An extended weekend […]

Prawn pasta

Prawn Tagliatelle

The picture doesn’t quite do these beauties justice, but they were the biggest prawns I have seen in my life. If you look at the fork, you might get an idea as to how big they are. A simple lunch with high quality ingredients never fails. Sautée some cherry tomatoes […]

Braised Beef Cheeks with Pappardelle

I had never tried slow-cooking. The thought of throwing a bunch of ingredients in a pot and walking away doesn’t appeal to me, but having time on my hands presently, what’s a four hour wait for dinner? I struggle with vacuum packed meat. Its unearthly aromas are sometimes too much […]


Nothing fills that lasagna-shaped hole in one’s tummy quite like lasagna… What better way is there to beat a cold winter’s day full of unforeseen stresses, trials and tests that with meaty layer upon meaty layer of cheesy, pasta-y goodness? I have actually never made lasagna before, but it should […]