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Smokin Brads

I’m just going to come out and say it, this is one of the best burgers I’ve had in the UK. It has it all: the smoke, the juice, the char, the ugliness. Yes, ugliness. The uglier and more smooshed (technical term) a burger is, the better. Smokin Brads has […]

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Middle Eastern Turmeric Chicken and Rice

Although we did glimpse spring last weekend, the frosty pendulum has swung back to winter, and we need warming up. This one pan dish is full of comforting spice and is impressive to present to a hungry table. Accompany with side of simple seasonal greens quickly sautéed in olive oil […]

Picture of burger with a beer
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Flank at Market Hall

Market Hall at Victoria is a great little foodie hub, and sorely needed. When I first moved to London almost five years ago, Victoria was bereft of good places to eat and drink. Thankfully that’s changed and now there is a very Sydney-esque precinct of nice bars and restaurants as […]

Sydney Burgers

Burger Head

A trek to Penrith is certainly worth it to get your chops round some Burger Head. Braving the sweltering heat, my Mum and I make the long journey, as a bloody ripper of a burger is worth any distance and discomfort – and a bloody ripper it is. Burger Head […]

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Poached Comice Pears

Pears are a favourite of mine in deserts. They have a subtlety that can be neglected, but if treated with respect, is truly delicious. This easy recipe is perfect for those wanting to keep costs down. Make sure you buy seasonal and local fruit whenever possible, not only for taste, […]

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Hutong at The Shard

Another year, another birthday. There is always a certain amount of pressure on the choice of restaurant for birthdays, you want to have an amazing meal, and there must be a good dose of atmosphere too, although sometimes a lacklustre vibe can be overlooked if you’re bringing enough people to […]