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Smokin Brads

I’m just going to come out and say it, this is one of the best burgers I’ve had in the UK. It has it all: the smoke, the juice, the char, the ugliness. Yes, ugliness. The uglier and more smooshed (technical term) a burger is, the better. Smokin Brads has […]

photo of burger meal

The Grey Horse – Burger

Having waxed lyrical about The Grey Horse and their stellar rib line up, how could my Partner in Crime and I refuse their Tuesday night deal of a burger, fries and a Beavertown for £10? A can of Beavertown alone would set you back at least a fiver at any […]

photo of ribs

The Grey Horse

Sometimes you get your nails done by a surly woman who ironically works at a salon called Happy Nails… and sometimes while you’re at said merry salon with sullen manicurist, your eye catches a blackboard outside a nondescript looking pub across the road, which reads “Winner Ribstock UK Short Beef Ribs”… […]

photo of burger meal

Burger Craft

Having made quite a dent in London’s burger scene, but thankful it hasn’t had the reverse effect on me and created quite a bulge, last weekend I was introduced to a real little ripper (pardon my Aussie): Burger Craft. Located at four PubLove London pubs, the Exmouth Arms in Euston […]

photo of beef roast dinner

The Durham Ox

A sublime country pub, The Durham Ox of Crayke, is on The Guardian’s List for the top 50 Sunday Lunches in Britain. It’s certainly not hard to understand why. Picturesque beyond belief almost to this city girl, The Durham Ox is surrounded by rolling green hills and valleys and scenes […]

The Ivanhoe

Is the Ivanhoe home to the best burger in Sydney? Ivan-no! This pub is one of those who has spent a fortune on the fit-out, and not much time on the food. The burger is lackluster and has a dirty, herbaceous flavour that stays with one long into the evening… […]