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photo of donut

Crosstown Doughnuts 2

I have sung the praises of Crosstown Doughnuts before, but it’s a tune worthing singing. Make way for the Choc Cinnamon Scroll with Passionfruit Curd. Once you reach the explosion of tart, yellow heaven in the centre you’ll know why the girl in the shop (with the funky shirt), said […]

photo of a donut

Crosstown Doughnuts

After spending a number of weeks up north in Scarborough, it is glorious to be back in London. I feel alive and it makes for a perfect start to a Sunday to be perched atop Selfridge and Co, with a flat white and a gorgeous Autumn Fruit Crumble from Crosstown […]

Excelsior Jones

For me, Excelsior Jones was a mixed bag. Having won Best New Cafe from the SMH last year, it stood to reason things were going to be out of this world amazing. For breakfast on a Tuesday, the place is busy and the vibey, and there are some interesting choices […]

Le Bon Choix

After a disappointing loaf of sourdough from Sol Breads, and my longing for Bourke St Bakery growing exponentially, my faith in non-Sydney sourdough was restored with a trip to Le Bon Choix in Paddington. With its ultra French, chic aesthetic, Le Bon Choix is filled with typical French delights from […]

Tall Short Espresso

After an early morning start which went pear-shaped very quickly, an exploration of cosy borough Paddington was a welcome treat. With beautiful old Queenslanders on sharp hills, and lots of greenery, Paddington is an inner-city spot with an aesthetic edge. The main street, Given Terrace (odd name) is dotted with […]

Brown Dog Cafe

Look at her. Isn’s she beautiful? Absolutely flawless. Not only the best coffee in Brisbane, but I am confident in saying, the best coffee I have ever had. Why? Yes, the beans are roasted well, and the coffee is bold and outspoken, however, it is the quality of the milk […]