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The Great British Supermarket Mince Pie Off

I love Christmas, and I especially love eating Christmas foods; this means mince pies. I thought it would be a spot of fun to gather as many different types of supermarket mince pies as I could get my hands on and judge which is the best. I had to venture […]


There are two kinds of friends: those whose judgement you can trust when it comes to what constitutes good food, and those whose judgement you cannot. When meeting with the first, you are at ease when they suggest a restaurant, and the second, you do everything in your power to […]

photo of smoked mackerel pie

Smoked Mackerel Pie

This week is British Pie Week, and who can deny their love of delicious fillings encased in flaky, golden pastry? Taking inspiration from Nigel Slater, who thoroughly encapsulates British cuisine, this smoked mackerel pie is so. damn. good. Mackerel is an¬†ingredient with which I have never cooked,¬†as it doesn’t feature […]

Le Bon Choix

After a disappointing loaf of sourdough from Sol Breads, and my longing for Bourke St Bakery growing exponentially, my faith in non-Sydney sourdough was restored with a trip to Le Bon Choix in Paddington. With its ultra French, chic aesthetic, Le Bon Choix is filled with typical French delights from […]

Black Star Pastry

It was a gloriously sunny day yesterday; perfect weather to take Sesso Bici, my lovely new bike, on a little trip to Newtown. Half the fun of riding such a beautiful bike is the conversation it creates. If you do not want to talk to strangers, do not by such […]

La Grande Bouffe

I have passed La Grande Bouffe many times, and it is always full of trendy breakfasters and their designer pooches. Mum and I, minus our designer pooches, went for a light breakfast here today and it was lovely. Although we just felt like a gold old croissant, the creations that […]