Boozy Christmas Gift Guide

There’s no denying that I love Christmas. There is also no denying that I love the artisanal products Britain produces. We produce some of the finest drinks in the world, and we are currently in a period of growth with many wonderful new drinks coming onto the market and flourishing. […]

photo of cocktail


  Shrubs. Not the small, near-to-the-ground woody plant, but the acidulated beverage that is going to be a major trend this summer. Originating as a means of preserving berries and other fruit in the off-season, a shrub is a mixture of fruit and vinegar. As shrubs developed, the liquid began […]

photo of cocktail with bacon

Bacon Old Fashioned

Bacon. The UK does bacon better than anywhere I’ve been, and Bevan’s Butchers does bacon better than anywhere I’ve found; their smoked streaky bacon is unbelievable. Another delicious thing beginning with the letter b, is bourbon and why not put these two loves together and make a Bacon Old Fashioned?

photo of cocktail in a glass

Grand Saturday

Grand Marnier is delicious. Having been trotted about at Christmas in the crème anglaise for the chocolate panettone, it’s easy to let it sit there on the shelf and be overshadowed by the gins and whiskeys. With its rich orange depth of flavour, I knew it would go well with […]

photo of gin sign

Gin Festival London

Having written my dissertation on gin for my Master’s degree in Food Studies last year, there isn’t much that I don’t know. I love gin’s colourful history, its flavour and its resilience. Even ten years ago gin was a drink for grandmas, however, the ginaissance has occurred and many newcomers […]

photo of Kombucha smoothie

Discovering Kombucha

Kombucha. You’d be forgiven if you thought it was a type of Japanese theatre. It is in fact, a refreshing a delicious fermented tea drink, and now that it’s on my radar, I can confirm it will be staying. After sampling Equinox Kombucha at the industry show Imbibe, a few […]