photo of cookies

Peanut Butter Cookies

When faced with emptying out the pantry, there is inevitably always a half jar of peanut butter. What to do with this rascal? Make delcious, super easy cookies to share.  

photo of bacon and banana cookies

Bacon and Banana Cookies

On a hot British summer’s afternoon, there is nothing nicer than sitting in your back garden and browsing through recipe books; a feast for your senses, the choice of what to make is almost painful. I want to make it all. Finally the choice is made, and Dan Lepard’s lemon […]

Spiced Fig and White Chocolate Cookies

One can sometimes neglect what a versatile ingredient yogurt can be, especially flavoured yogurt, for example, Black Plum and Fig. The subtle earthiness of the fig marries well with the plum and inspired me to create Spiced Fig and White Chocolate Cookies. With cooler weather descending, these cookies take the […]

Salted Buttered Popcorn Macarons

One bite of these macarons, and you’re instantly transported to a dark cinema, credits rolling… These macarons taste so incredibly much like popcorn, and popcorn tastes like the movies. Apart from adding popcorn to the top of the shells, they are just a basic French meringue macaron shell. I didn’t […]

Easter Cookies

Easter Cookie goodness. Simply make your favourite biscuits, and then decorate with a fondant topping. Not the sort of treat you can just whip up, as they take time and care to decorate, the dough needs to chill, the fondant needs to be dyed, but they are certainly festive and […]

Salt and Vinegar Macarons

Tonight I made Salt and Vinegar Macarons. They are not to everyone’s taste, but to a sophisticated palate, they are delightful. I especially love the textural contrast of the crunchy sea-salt flakes against the silky, balsamic vinegar ganache. Appearance-wise, they are a bit rough and ready as I could not […]