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photo of cherry cake

Kentish Cherry Cake

With the return of Great British Bake Off last night, some kind of baked good was definitely on the agenda. Having ordered Paul Hollywood’s book, British Bakes, last year in a mad frenzy of online book shopping, I was yet to make anything from it. The book is an exploration […]

picture of muffin and coffee

Rhubarb Muffins

It’s funny how you can get through life without having actually cooked with a certain ingredient for so long. Sure, I’d eaten it before, but never bought it or used it. How strange. Welcome to my kitchen, gorgeous bunch of rhubarb. What shall I do with you? I don’t make muffins […]

photo of chutney

Carrot and Apple Chutney

With my latest exploration of pork mince with more Western flavours, pork burgers were on the menu the other night, and I decided to make a chutney to slather all over those bad boys. This chutney, like most of my recipes, is invented by putting together ingredients that I know […]

Frosted Blueberries

I think berries are utterly gorgeous. Frosted blueberries look especially beautiful and make a lovely adornment for the top of cakes. In the above photo, they dress my signature flourless chocolate cake, the recipe for which can be found… aahhh, I am not giving that baby away so easily, you’ll […]