Middle Eastern Turmeric Chicken and Rice

Although we did glimpse spring last weekend, the frosty pendulum has swung back to winter, and we need warming up. This one pan dish is full of comforting spice and is impressive to present to a hungry table. Accompany with side of simple seasonal greens quickly sautéed in olive oil […]

photo of roast crown of chicken

Herbed Roast Crown of Chicken

Stop. The. Press. This was the juiciest, most delicious chicken I have ever cooked. If you’re not a fan of uber moist, soft poultry, step away from the screen and don’t come back. Just look at her, with her herby bits and her flecks of browned butter. Drool. And, she […]

photo of spaghetti pesto

Spaghetti Pesto with Pork Mince and Sweet Potato

Pesto is always a favourite of mine to make. It is simple, tasty and goes with such a variety of ingredients. A new combination came to me based mostly on what I already had at hand: pork mince and sweet potato. Pork mince is often used in combination with beef […]

Simple Bowl Dinner

Sometimes I get a craving for mince. Sounds rather uninspiring, however, mince has an undeniable yum factor that can be rediscovered with this easy, flavoursome approach. This bowl dinner will set you back about ten minutes and only a few pounds, so it wins in terms of economy. Serves 2. […]

Braised Beef Cheeks with Pappardelle

I had never tried slow-cooking. The thought of throwing a bunch of ingredients in a pot and walking away doesn’t appeal to me, but having time on my hands presently, what’s a four hour wait for dinner? I struggle with vacuum packed meat. Its unearthly aromas are sometimes too much […]

Quinoa Salad with Lamb

Quinoa. Having yet to jump on the bandwagon for this trendy, pseudo-grain, I had only ever had a spoonful here and there as I picked at friend’s lunches and breakfasts. I had never cooked with it, but was delighted by its ease. The following recipe takes inspiration from Gordon Ramsay’s […]