Poached Comice Pears

Pears are a favourite of mine in deserts. They have a subtlety that can be neglected, but if treated with respect, is truly delicious. This easy recipe is perfect for those wanting to keep costs down. Make sure you buy seasonal and local fruit whenever possible, not only for taste, […]

photo of fudge

Dark Chocolate Orange Fudge

With most of a can of condesned milk leftover from making these gorgeously chewy cookies, some fudge was in order. I browsed through some recipes and decided any recipe adding 100g of icing sugar to a base with condensed milk and chocolate was ludicrous and it would be far too […]

picture of muffin and coffee

Rhubarb Muffins

It’s funny how you can get through life without having actually cooked with a certain ingredient for so long. Sure, I’d eaten it before, but never bought it or used it. How strange. Welcome to my kitchen, gorgeous bunch of rhubarb. What shall I do with you? I don’t make muffins […]

picture of power balls

Power Balls

With the term superfoods being bandied about somewhat these days, how do you harness their power without resorting to silly fads, spending unnecessarily, or being stuck with a cupboard full of ingredients that taste terrible? Power Balls, that’s how. These bite sized pieces are utterly delicious, as in actually delicious, as […]

photo of cheesecake

Baked Vanilla Cheesecake with Raspberries

With a family Sunday lunch, I had offered to make dessert, and it needed to be travel friendly. So many desserts are not travel friendly if you are hauling them across London on public transport. Forget anything with pastry, or meringue… You need something sturdy. Whilst racking my brain for […]

Chelsea Buns

A chelsea bun; classic, British and the perfect weekend treat to make. Everyone adores the combination of spices and fruit. If you have any leftover, these freeze super well and can be reheated in the oven, and then toasted in a fry pan to give them a gorgeous golden crust […]