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There are two kinds of friends: those whose judgement you can trust when it comes to what constitutes good food, and those whose judgement you cannot. When meeting with the first, you are at ease when they suggest a restaurant, and the second, you do everything in your power to […]

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Neil Rankin’s Temper is a buzzy place. If atmosphere is paramount on your list of restaurant criteria you won’t be disappointed. Take a seat at the counter and become part of the action, especially when the coals decide to blow their molten embers your way. A mashup of meat with […]

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When an overseas visitor requests a venue for dinner that has to serve a specific cuisine, be in a specific location, and also be generally good, you feel the pressure; it has to serve curry and be near Trafalgar Square… Gone were the visions of going to Palomar, but nevermind, […]

photo of duck and waffle

Duck and Waffle

Duck and Waffle. What a marvellous name. Although I have lived in England for over two years now, I had yet to make the pilgrimage to this hotly talked about restaurant, and when I did, it was pretty great. With panoramic views rivalling any in London, Duck and Waffle is […]

photo of Le Mac burger

National Burger Day 2016

Yesterday I attended my third National Burger Day festival – and the realisation that you’re not just visiting London anymore sinks in when it’s the third time in a row you’ve visited an annual festival. After hours of agonising anticipation and menu-reading, my Partner in Crime and I arrived early; firstly because […]

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After a recommendation from a lady in one of my dim sum classes the other week – “If you like meat, go to Blacklock” – I did. You indeed have to like, nay, love meat to make the trip here worth it, as this chop house is all about serving […]