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photo of cocktail with bacon

Bacon Old Fashioned

Bacon. The UK does bacon better than anywhere I’ve been, and Bevan’s Butchers does bacon better than anywhere I’ve found; their smoked streaky bacon is unbelievable. Another delicious thing beginning with the letter b, is bourbon and why not put these two loves together and make a Bacon Old Fashioned?

photo of cocktails

Grain Store – Cocktails

With some welcome and exciting news, My Partner in Crime and I make our way to the bar at Dishoom in King’s Cross, as someone has told us they serve the best old fashioned in London… It’s 6.30pm on a Thursday and the queue is outrageous. We don’t do queues. […]

chocolate truffles

Gin Truffles

Buried in a clock of dark chocolate, lies a kick of 1920s bootlegger bathtub gin. It’s mysterious, rambunctious and a little bit naughty. With herbaceous notes and hints of floral, these dark chocolate gin truffles will make you swoon.

jar of gin

Homemade Gin

Having a longtime desire to create my own homemade, or bathtub, gin, I finally got a-making and there’s no turning back now. Gin is a neutral spirit with a predominant flavour of juniper berry, and then whatever combination of botanicals you desire. For those of us who do not have […]

Scotch Malt Whisky Society

“I’m in a room full of men and scotch” – my Facebook status last night. Jealous? You should be. The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, is exactly what you think it is; a club for lovers of high-end scotch, who also enjoy expanding their knowledge and refining their palates. Did you […]

Eau de Vie

Eau de Vie possess such high accolades as Best Cocktail Bar 2011 (Australian Bar Awards), New Bar of the Year 2011 (Time Out Bar Awards) and World’s Best New Cocktail Bar (Spirited Awards). Having been on my radar for a while I was most excited to visit this lovely, little […]