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Thai Phoenix

A lot can be learned about a city from its food, and I don’t mean the glossy, hatted restaurants. The low-key restaurants in the burbs are what makes a city. If there aren’t easy, delicious food choices near by your home for those nights when you simply couldn’t bear to […]

Thai Chicken Noodle Soup

With the evenings now crisp and the promise of winter in the air, soup is on the menu. This Thai-inspired soup is full of flavour and freshness and is perfect to ward off the tickle you think you feel in your throat. This recipe yields two small serves or one […]

Bai Yok Thai

Bai Yok Thai is a silent suburban assassin in the world of Thai cuisine. Nestled in a small outcrop of shops in Castlecrag, it is the Grants favourite Thai restaurant. I can see why. Every dish we ordered was packed full of flavour and lived up to the high expectations I […]

Chat Thai as a Carnivore

If you are a regular follower of my blog, you will know that I adore Chat Thai. I am talking about the original one in Haymarket. They have other locations, but rumour has it, none are like the original. It is one of my regulars as it is just so […]

photo of Thai beef salad

Thai Beef Salad

Expanding my repertoire of international homemade dishes, I made for the first time the other night a Thai Beef Salad. My friends complain that I have been feeding them too much… Yes, for I was one holding the can of whipped cream to your ice-cream and spraying it like I was putting […]

Jimmy Liks

Always a favourite, I introduced my mother to Jimmy Liks on Saturday night. Mum, this is Jimmy. Jimmy, Mum. I had a feeling they’d get on very well… Whenever Jimmy and I meet up, the corn fritters are always on my mind. Whenever anyone mentions Jimmy, I salivate for those […]