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photo of spinach dish

Indian Style Creamed Spinach

With the Easter weekend just over, we chose to celebrate with an Indian Feast for lunch on Sunday. Indian food is vibrant and makes for a nice change to a more traditional roast. It’s also perfect sharing food. Four of the dishes I had made before and can be found […]

Tandoori Sizzler

When we arrived in the car park and I saw a big neon sign saying “Tandoori Sizzler”, visions of Indian salad bars and cheese-bread danced through my head. Alas, it wasn’t a Tandoori Sizzler, but a simple suburban Indian restaurant with great food. The evening was already going well, a […]

Indian Tuesday

After the success of Saturday night’s Indian, I wanted more… And having a gorgeous lot of lamb cutlets from the amazing Vic’s Meat (if you haven’t been, you simply must go to their Market Day on Saturdays between 8am and 12pm) I decided to attack the Punjabi Masala Chop recipe […]

Indian Saturday

I rarely eat Indian food. I like it, but somehow it just doesn’t make it into my regular rotation. I actually cannot remember the last time I ate Indian food, but having recently bought the book Gordon Ramsay’s Great Escape, which has 100 of his favourite Indian recipes, it was […]