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Indian Style Creamed Spinach

With the Easter weekend just over, we chose to celebrate with an Indian Feast for lunch on Sunday. Indian food is vibrant and makes for a nice change to a more traditional roast. It’s also perfect sharing food. Four of the dishes I had made before and can be found […]

Tandoori Sizzler

When we arrived in the car park and I saw a big neon sign saying “Tandoori Sizzler”, visions of Indian salad bars and cheese-bread danced through my head. Alas, it wasn’t a Tandoori Sizzler, but a simple suburban Indian restaurant with great food. The evening was already going well, a […]

Indian Tuesday

After the success of Saturday night’s Indian, I wanted more… And having a gorgeous lot of lamb cutlets from the amazing Vic’s Meat (if you haven’t been, you simply must go to their Market Day on Saturdays between 8am and 12pm) I decided to attack the Punjabi Masala Chop recipe […]

Indian Saturday

I rarely eat Indian food. I like it, but somehow it just doesn’t make it into my regular rotation. I actually cannot remember the last time I ate Indian food, but having recently bought the book Gordon Ramsay’s Great Escape, which has 100 of his favourite Indian recipes, it was […]