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Boozy Christmas Gift Guide

There’s no denying that I love Christmas. There is also no denying that I love the artisanal products Britain produces. We produce some of the finest drinks in the world, and we are currently in a period of growth with many wonderful new drinks coming onto the market and flourishing. […]

Wine Pairing Dinner at The Boaters Inn

On Thursday I was fortunate enough to attend The Boaters Inn’s latest wine and food matching event: a 5 course dinner accompanied by wines from Les Caves de Pyrene, who source natural  wines, representative of their homeland, from all over the globe. I’ve always loved The Boaters Inn since I […]

photo of pizza

Ruben’s Bakehouse

After buying a loaf of their cracking sourdough at the Surbiton Farmer’s Market the other week, my Partner in Crime and I were delighted to be informed that they have a restaurant that does pizza and is BYO. Needless to say, we were there the first available opportunity we had. […]

photo of roast crown of chicken

Herbed Roast Crown of Chicken

Stop. The. Press. This was the juiciest, most delicious chicken I have ever cooked. If you’re not a fan of uber moist, soft poultry, step away from the screen and don’t come back. Just look at her, with her herby bits and her flecks of browned butter. Drool. And, she […]

Antidote Wine Bar

Last weekend, I escaped the bleakery (new word) of Scarborough and revitalized my soul with London. Antidote Wine Bar lives up to its name’s sake, and provided the required antidote to a poisonous day filled with mundane travel and frantic bustling around town trying to find formal gowns to wear […]

The Apothecary 1878

Stepping in to The Apothecary, 1878, is like stepping through a portal into 19th century Europe. The mahogany, the marble, the antiquated bottles for potions and tinctures. One almost expects Toulouse-Lautrec to turn around from one of the tables. Visually stunning, Apothecary has already made a strong impression. I am […]