Dark Chocolate Orange Fudge

photo of fudge

With most of a can of condesned milk leftover from making these gorgeously chewy cookies, some fudge was in order. I browsed through some recipes and decided any recipe adding 100g of icing sugar to a base with condensed milk and chocolate was ludicrous and it would be far too sweet. Condensed milk is crazy sweet, but necessary for fudge to give it that texture we love. This recipe is all about minimizing the sweetness and maxing out the decadence and richness. Warning: cut into postage-stamp-size squares. This fudge is killer.
For best results you need a lovely dark chocolate and a dark cocoa. Avoid Cadbury as it is so light. Try a German cocoa which are far darker. The cocoa sold at Lidl is a gorgeous hue of brown, or if you’re reading this from Australia, I was always a fan of Woolworth’s Home Brand cocoa.



  • 300g condensed milk
  • 250g dark chocolate, broken into small pieces
  • 75g of cocoa (or to taste)
  • teaspoon Valencian orange extract


  1. In a small saucepan, heat the condensed milk and chocolate until it melts, stirring to achieve a smooth consistency. Don’t let it burn.
  2. When melted, turn the heat right down and sieve in the cocoa. Stir and then add the orange extract. Stir again.
  3. Pour into a prepared tin lined with greaseproof paper (make sure it is the non-stick variety). Cool at room temperature, the fudge will start to fudgify and then finish setting in the fridge for a few hours.
  4. When set, cut into squares with a hot knife. Take to work and become the office favourite.

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