Reuben Hills

It was one of those gorgeous spring days where one feels happy for no reason in particular, but seems to derive joy from every small thing. I met the lovely Daryl at Reuben Hills in Surry Hills for lunch. A new terrace conversion, Reuben Hills serves simple fare in chic […]

The Grounds of Alexandria

When spring comes to town, there is nothing better than casting off the shakles of weekday-itis and having an al fresco luncheon somewhere fabulous. That somewhere fabulous was The Grounds of Alexandria. One of Sydney’s latest warehouse conversions, The Grounds of Alexandria is a stunning new development amidst the industrial […]


Noggi is a frozen yogurt shop in Strathfield, where people (my friend included) will wait half an hour in line for one of these treats. I had to try it. I told the girl that it was my first time, and she generously let me taste several of the flavours. […]

Three Spoons

“Coffee makes us severe, and grave, and philosophical.” Jonathan Swift Next time you feel like being severe, grave and philosophical, do it over a cup of coffee from Three Spoons. Located in Concord West, Three Spoons is a quaint suburban cafĂ© that makes a flat white that is creamy, well-mannered […]

Kitchen by Mike II

So, a mere three days later from our first visit to Kitchen by Mike, Mum and I returned for a second helping of all that canteen goodness. Mum had the wood-fired sprouts with caviar lentils. I have only recently learnt how delicious sprouts are, and the addition of wood-fire is […]

Kitchen by Mike

Rosebery: A suburb one rarely goes to and my only reference of it is from an ad in my childhood of a sleepy sounding man in a giant mattress suit telling me of the amazing mattress prices at Mr Yawn’s Matress Factory, 443 Gardener’s Road, Rosebery. So when I heard […]