Torrents of Arabia

Today, Elizabeth, Baby Maggie and I went in search of Arabian delights. We ended up in Aubrun, where there are many Middle Eastern stores to explore. First stop, a grocer where I stocked up on exotic rose water, pomegranate molasses and orange blossom water (methinks a batch of macaroons is […]

Not so Smarties

Adriano Zumbo and his macarons shot to fame through television’s Masterchef. I tried them a year or so ago, and was bitterly disappointed, so much so that I had to spit one out. I was in Balmain on Thursday and curiosity bit once again, and I tried them again. Maybe […]

Coffee Spot

I haven’t had coffee since February. I was never by any means an addict, but I did enjoy the occasional cup, whether it be with poached eggs on a Sunday afternoon for breakfast, or with egregious gossip. Today I returned to the world of coffee (those last two words are […]

Love of the Bald Man

Oh┬áMax, how I love thee. I cannot wait to sink my teeth into you once more. I know I have neglected you of late, but I assure you, you were always on my mind. I could never forget you. I also cannot wait to get home and start reading this […]