Frosted Blueberries

photo of chocolate cake with frosted blueberries

I think berries are utterly gorgeous. Frosted blueberries look especially beautiful and make a lovely adornment for the top of cakes.


  • 2 egg whites
  • blueberries
  • white sugar, for dusting


  1. Beat egg whites until they are stiff. It is much faster to do this with an electric mixer.
  2. Roll the berries in the egg whites then dip them in sugar.
  3. Let them dry for a few hours. They become crunchy beads of delight.


In the above photo, they dress my signature flourless chocolate cake, the recipe for which can be found… aahhh, I am not giving that baby away so easily, you’ll at least have to buy me dinner first, and somewhere nice.

On another note, I applied to do a Masters in Food Studies today; researching culinary history and food throughout society. Bring it at me 2013, you delicious beast.

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