With London still firmly in the midst of a gin craze, although somewhat less sordid than the first Georgian gin craze, Paddington’s 146 offers a refreshing and interesting menu for discerning gin drinkers.

Located in the Hilton Hotel at Paddington station – London’s most beautiful station with soaring arches and loads of character – Bar 146 launches its new Gin Journey menu this Monday and you’re in for a treat.

With new gins springing up almost weekly, the menu is carefully curated and takes the drinker on a journey around the world. Offering all types of gin from near and far, each meticulously garnished with botanicals to enhance certain characteristics, the menu has a great selection, but is by no means overwhelming.

Being a complete mothers ruin fanatic myself (I’ve now reached the point where I cannot escape an almost daily tagging of gin-related posts by my friends on social media), I was genuinely impressed with the gin list and discovered some new and exciting gins during my preview of the menu.

Bobby’s Schiedam Dry Gin hails from the Netherlands, and is bold on citrus, and light on juniper; it is the sort of gin one could sip by a pool in summer and feel utterly refreshed. It is also the sort of gin that people not keen on gin might even like as the juniper is very much in the background of its flavour profile. Garnished with cloves and dehydrated orange, the presentation is so pretty. I love the glasses.

photo of gins and cured meat platter

Blackwood Vintage Dry Gin from Shetland, is entirely different; it is savoury and herbal and has a prominent note of liquorice. Made using native Shetland botanicals this gin is 2012 vintage and is rather delicious and works well with the thyme garnish.

The standout gin of the evening for me is McQueen from Scotland. This is everything I enjoy in a gin: bold juniper, masses of body and gorgeous bitterness. Served with pink grapefruit, and if we dare, cinnamon – Valerio the bar supervisor insists it’s amazing, and he is correct.

Service at 146 is friendly and professional and Valerio’s knowledge of every gin and his passion to share this knowledge makes for a memorable visit.

If you’re feeling a little hungry whilst imbibing all the gins, there are sharing platters to graze on. Oh how I love the tang of a cornichon and that focaccia is totally yummy.

As the name of the experience suggests, Gin Journey takes you on a lovely exploration of the world’s best spirit. All aboard!


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